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Patient transfer and mobility

Introducing the HT Systems Kera patient lifter


The Kera patient lifter quickly and easily assists a single carer  to transfer patients between seated positions.

Developed with Occupational Therapists  to reduce the physical load on carers the Kera patient lifter safely and quickly transfers patients and has a small footprint for easy storage and manoeuvrability.

The Kera patient lifter is the ideal transfer aid for home, care & rest homes and hospitals.

Now demoing the Kera patient lifter

Improve productivity and reduce carer injuries


 A single carer can quickly engage with a patient from a lazy-boy, wheelchair, toilet or bed and easily transfer them to another seated position.

Quick and Easy


No slings required! Easily move between a range of patients with a single adjustment of the chest pad and secure back strap.

Easy to move and store


The Kera patient lifter is light and manoeuvrable with a small footprint enabling it to be conveniently stored or transported.  

Safe new design


 Developed in consultation with Occupational Therapists and internally tested to relevant ISO10535 hoist standards. 

About Us

At HT Systems we’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives by using clever customer-centric design.  

Formed in 2018, we are building on over two decades of product development and research by the University of Canterbury.    We spent the past year working with a wide range of health professionals, carers and patients in real situations to ensure we can provide a comfortable, safe and easy to use solution. 

Revolutionising patient transfers

Our innovative Kera patient lifter quickly and easily assists a single carer to transfer frail and immobile patients between sitting positions. 

Current methods of moving people are slow, cumbersome and expensive and the result is over 4 injuries to health care workers per day in NZ.

Our simple mechanical lifter is light, quick and easy to use and the small footprint makes it ideal for negotiating tight spots and convenient to store.

We'd love to talk to you

We are currently demoing our Kera patient lifter.  If you're interested in demoing, helping or investing then we'd love to talk to you.

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