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HT Systems has developed a revolutionary new device to assist a single carer to quickly and easily transfer a person  who can't move for themselves.  The company made its first sales in Jul-19. 

We are now seeking new investment to fund sales growth in NZ and expansion to Australia.

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Introduction to HT Systems

Hapai Transfer Systems Ltd (HT Systems) is a New Zealand company established in January 2018 to commercialise Keith Alexander’s innovative patient lift and transfer aid, Kera. The company plans to grow into a multi-country, multi-product mobility business with a range of complementary products servicing the healthcare industry.

Keith Alexander is the inventor behind the Springfree trampoline which has gone on to be a global commercial success. He initially began working on Kera two decades ago with support from the University of Canterbury. The HT Systems development team has worked with a wide range of health professionals, carers and patients in real situations to ensure Kera is a comfortable, safe and easy-to-use solution. 

The company holds two patents with a third pending.

Since inception, the HT Systems team has worked closely with the healthcare industry, testing and refining a range of prototypes to ensure customer requirements were intrinsically designed into the product.  In June 2019, they began a long-term trial with Oceania Healthcare, New Zealand’s second largest multi-site care group. From this trial they gained sales, positive feedback (noted below) and the commitment to expand out to their other facilities. 

HT Systems sold its first Kera lifter in July 2019. 

The Kera patient lifter:

  • Uses a unique combination harness and chest pad, rather than a sling, speeding up fitting and creating a feeling of greater security for the patient.
  • Allows a single person to safely transfer a patient without risk to either patient or carer 
  • Transfers can be achieved in just two minutes
  • Is totally mechanical, with no power required.
  • Is compact and can be operated in restricted spaces such as typical home environments.
  • Can be kept near the patient and conveniently stored.

These advantages have been successfully demonstrated in real-world trials involving hundreds of carers and patient transfers where it has radically improved patient transfers and reduced carer injuries. 

The Raise

HT Systems is looking to raise $NZ 500,000 to help meet two key goals. Firstly, to accelerate sales in the New Zealand market, secondly to expand into Australia by July 2020.


The approximate number of severely mobility impaired people in key markets ranges from 100,000 in New Zealand, to 770,000 in Australia, 3,100,000 in Europe and 3,300,000 in the United States. Globally the patient handling market is worth $20b, with CAGR of 11.2%. (source https://www.gminsights.com/pressrelease/patient-handling-equipment-market) 


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